JRR Tolkien on “A Merrier World”

Sep 16, 2016

#QOTD | Featuring Colorwave Green

Plautus on Celebrating

Sep 08, 2016

#QOTD | Featuring Odessa Cobalt Gold

Sandefjord in Martha Stewart Weddings

Sep 01, 2016

Sandefjord continues to be growing in popularity, and is now featured in the new issue of Martha Stewart Weddings! Sandefjord is a Scandinavian-inspired design that is blooming with deep blue, whimsically-stylized floral motifs. Each piece incorporates these varied motifs in

Nigella Lawson on Cheese

Aug 29, 2016

#QOTD | Featuring Brocato

Julia Child on Cooking

Aug 25, 2016

#QOTD | Featuring Colorwave Terra Cotta

Throwback Thursday #20

Aug 18, 2016

Unfortunately, Madera Sea Form is no longer in production, but many discontinued, vintage, and/or antique Noritake pieces can be found online! (Tips for keeping in touch with a pattern you own or are interested in can be found here.) In

Ashley Montagu on Happiness

Aug 16, 2016

#QOTD | Featuring Colorvara Blue

William Hazlitt on Wit

Aug 11, 2016

#qotd | Image featuring Odessa Cobalt Gold

GoG Swirl in The Celebration Society

Aug 09, 2016

Both GoG (Grey-on-Grey) Swirl and Colorwave Clear Glassware are featured in the current issue of The Celebration Society! The photoshoot was in collaboration with Zola, a Noritake registry partner. Click here to view the newest issue of The Celebration Society.

Summit Platinum in the New Issue of Bridal Guide

Aug 02, 2016

We are so excited to see Summit Platinum featured in the September/October issue of Bridal Guide. This pattern features classic elements, combined in such a way that they still deliver impact in tablescapes.