National Grilling Month – Steak
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July is National Grilling Month, so all month we’ll be bringing you tips and recipes on grilling all sorts of things. We’re going to start the month with a classic – grilling steak. (If you cannot see the videos, click here.)

(Photo credit, JHGagle) Fair warning – there are seemingly endless methods used for cooking steaks. This is a collection from a number of different sources, and they all do things a little differently. Try out different methods to determine what makes the most delicious steak for you.



This is a straightforward video on cooking a New York Strip on a gas grill. This video utilizes marinade as well.

This video cooks steaks in a pan on the stove, before moving to the oven. This is not grilling, but it seems wrong to exclude anyone from cooking delicious steaks.

Gordon Ramsay also makes steak on the stove top, but without moving to the oven. His method also involves basting the steak in butter during the cooking process.

To finish the videos, here’s a video detailing the grilling of steak over a charcoal grill.


In addition to videos, there are lots of steak instructional articles and recipes available online.

This is a small collection of steak grilling & cooking information available online. Please let us know how you cook steak in the comments or here on our Facebook page.

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