Yash Raj on Life

Jul 02, 2016

#QOTD| Featuring Odessa Cobalt Gold and Odessa Cobalt Platinum

Mario Batali on Cooking

Jun 21, 2016

#QOTD | Featuring Colorwave Graphite, Green, and Terra Cotta

Julia Child on Life

Jun 10, 2016

#QOTD | Featuring Colorvara White

Introducing Colorwave Slate!

Jun 01, 2016

Colorwave Slate is now available, exclusively at Macy’s! Click here to shop! Colorwave Slate has a matte-textured, deep coloration on the outside suggestive of a dove’s feather, weathered rocks, and cloudy skies, and a glossy, cream-colored glaze on the inside.

Ramshackle Glam x Noritake Giveaway!

May 27, 2016

To celebrate our collaboration with Jordan Reid, the writer behind RamshackleGlam.com, we are giving away signed copies of her books, as well as a $350 store credit to NoritakeChina.com!

Introducing Sandefjord!

May 25, 2016

Introducing Sandefjord, now available at Macy’s! This Scandinavian-inspired design is blooming with deep blue, whimsically-stylized floral motifs. Each piece incorporates these varied motifs in different ways that create a delightfully inspired mix-and-match place setting. The variation of design continues with

Luciano Pavarotti on Eating

May 11, 2016

#QOTD | Featuring the BoB and WoW Collection

Throwback Thursday #17

May 05, 2016

Unfortunately, these are no longer in production, but many vintage Noritake pieces can be found online! (Tips for keeping in touch with a pattern you own or are interested in can be found here.)

Introducing Platinum & Golden Wave Colors!

May 04, 2016

Noritake is pleased to announce the launch of 3 new patterns – Platinum Wave Indigo, Platinum Wave Ebony, and Golden Wave Chocolate! Currently available nationwide in select stores and online, these white porcelain patterns are available in place settings and

Federico Fellini on Life

Apr 25, 2016

#QOTD | Featuring Colorwave Raspberry