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Product Storage

Storing Your Fine China

Make sure your china is washed and completely dry before storing. If you are using cloth china storage sets (these are available online), use the dividers provided to separate your items and store them in a safe place.

If you do not have cloth china storage sets, paper plates or coffee filters may be used as separators. If your china is very old and delicate, do not make a large stack as the weight could crack or damage your pieces.

Once your items are stacked with separators in place, it is recommended that you wrap the stacks in plastic wrap, recycled dry-cleaning bags or other available plastic. If your china is exposed to extreme temperatures, let the china come to normal room temperature before heavy handling or cleaning.

Care Advice for Stored China

When taking your dinnerware out of storage, you may find that the gold or platinum banding has discolored.  A good cleaning in warm soapy water using a soft cloth should clean this discoloration and restore your dinnerware to its former beauty.  Gold and Platinum do not tarnish and polish should never be used on your dinnerware as it could seriously damage the metal banding.