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The Plating Game

In this animated game show, our couple chooses place settings in both Colorwave and Platinum Wave! Join host Clay Potts for The Plating Game.

The Plate Show

Our favorite host, Clay Potts, is back with The Plate Show! See Clay chatting with the Colorwave Collection, as well as Odessa Gold and Odessa Platinum. (Commercial at 1:24 originally appeared on; video by Jenner Brown.)

The Standard of Perfection, Part 1

In part 1, the history and the basics of fine china and crystal stemware are examined.

The Standard of Perfection, Part 2

In part 2, the initial steps in creating fine china are explained and demonstrated. These include blending the clay into a liquid slip or malleable clay, then forming items by slip casting, jiggering, or rotating pressing, before allowing them to dry under a current of hot air.

The Standard of Perfection, Part 3

In part 3, you are taken through the process of initial firing, called biscuit firing, inspection, application and firing of the initial glaze, then the second firing, called glossed firing. The decal design process is also covered.

The Standard of Perfection, Part 4

In part 4, you are taken through the process of decal creation and application. Items are fired for the final time after application of the detail, and then inspected once more.

The Standard of Perfection, Part 5

In part 5, the process of creating fine crystal stemware is covered. Watch the creation, inspection and decoration of fine Noritake stemware.